LYDIA LUNCH DUST & SHADOWS | Live at Meow Wolf November 6th @ 7pm | Santa Fe, NM



No Wave icon LYDIA LUNCH at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe to perform DUST & SHADOWS, a multimedia performance of otherworldly textures, images, and sound set to themes which deal lyrically with war, violence, surveillance and survival.

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Dust and Shadows, a live word-based performance that utilizes video-video mapping and tackles war violence, surveillance and survival. Some of the images featured in the video were shot in the ruins of Belchite, a village destroyed in the Spanish Civil War. One piece specifically—Ghosts of Spain—is a lament to the 6000 people who lost their lives there, to all those who have been massacred in the Middle East, and to all the victims of American’s endless wars and increasing violence on its own soil.

During the past four decades, Lunch has led a diverse career, launched numerous musical groups and collaborations, starred in films, written books, and created visual art and photography, yet her core motivation is to reduce everything down to the pure, uncut spoken word. First documented in1984 on her release “The Uncensored Lydia Lunch” (Widowspeak Productions, reissued by Atavistic), the apocalyptic, no-holds-barred solo verbal assaults of Ms. Lunch have electrified audiences across the globe on numerous tours, festival appearances, at museums, and audio and video documents.