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All I remember is Elizabeth repeating over and over again: “they’re so funny, they’re so funny.” Not all of us were into “funny.” But, as the name implies SSB was always at little irreverent, so respecting each other and trusting the artist, if one of us—SSB founders, Nancy Drew, Elizabeth Freeman or me—was excited, then we were going to do it. “It” was producing Brace Yourself for Action, two 1978 performances by the hilarious Bob & Bob at the Ruth S. Schaffner gallery on Melrose.

Bob remembers that it consisted of half a dozen women in surgical gowns who handed out treats and cigarettes to everyone and then tied them to their chairs so they couldn’t leave. This is a shot of the “nurses” removing the large paper curtain revealing Bob and Bob on stage. —Susan Martin


We were thrilled to work with SSB way back in the 70’s.

Back then, revolution was in the air and it was an exciting time for art and artists. Suddenly there was video art, alternative art, installation art, performance art…some people even said, ‘painting was dead’.

Well painting was never really dead, but we were all forced to come to terms with the idea that “art” can be anything the “artist” declares it to be.

Some Serious Business, or more specifically, Susan Martin, Elizabeth Freeman and Nancy Drew had a vision that was decidedly ahead of its time.

They supported and promoted art that was unapologetically RADICAL. And for that, SSB can legitimately claim a big hunk of credit for arming the cultural militia.

They just published a new book, 40 months 40 stories, that was launched at a party last year at Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles.

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