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FLOATING AMONG THE BETTER SORT OF MODERN ANGELS, An Introduction to Love Among the Ruins Exhibition and Catalog

  I hate to begin with the big D—death—but there it is. My co-curator Bill Stelling’s brilliant title for the exhibition, taken from Robert Browning’s poem “Love Among the Ruins”, aptly describes the main themes—love and mortality—that were the impetus for this show.   As I lost so many friends so suddenly and unexpectedly in […]

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Penny Arcade


  SSB and Howl! Happening are delighted to present a snippet from Penny’s performance of Margo Howard-Howard below. The full performance, as well as a video of the infamous performance of Jackie Curtis’ Glamor, Glory, and Gold at 56 Bleecker Gallery will be featured in Love Among the Ruins.   Performance artist Penny Arcade’s work […]

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Lunch outside of her new digs at The Roxy Hotel, formerly the Tribeca Grand. (Photo credit: Jasmine Hirst.)

LYDIA LUNCH AT THE ROXY HOTEL | Huffington Post Article by Christopher Lee Nutter

Lydia Lunch is stirring things up at the Roxy Hotel with her underground salon: “Lydia Lunch’s Underground Salon: Sexy Stories From New York City’s Torrid Underground to the Roxy Hotel’s subterranean lounge The Django in Tribeca July 11th and 26th, with a possible encore through the summer. Lunch will be reliving her own torrid past with […]

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STREET HEROINES | Alexandra Henry | Tuesday, April 26th |A POP UP ART SHOW AND FUNDRAISER | Rabbithole, 33 Washington Street, DUMBO | Presented in Association with Howl! Happening

Join filmmaker Alexandra Henry and a catalytic group of artists for a special exhibition of the artists’ work to benefit STREET HEROINES, a feature documentary that celebrates the creativity and courage of female graffiti and street artists. Against great odds, these articulate, talented, and strong young women are producing visually stunning work that transforms the […]

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BLACK NIGHT, BLACK KNIGHT | Mike Tyler | Saturday, April 30th | Performance and Publication Party 7 PM / Free | Gleason’s Gym, 77 Front St, DUMBO

In his new book, Black Night, Black Knight, Tyler’s poems evoke a time when phone booths still existed, you could smoke on planes, and Richard Nixon had just died—inspiring the shortest poem in the book: “Good.” Infamous for breaking his arm during a particularly tumultuous reading, Tyler’s writing is fueled by a red-hot, molten exchange […]

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