SSB AWAY Call for Applications

PODERE MALABICCIA | TUSCANY, ITALY | Sunday, June 10–Sunday, July 1, 2018


SSB AWAY retreats provide crucial time and space for artists to germinate ideas that might otherwise be marginalized during the intensity of public life and artistic production. A network of retreats and workspaces offers artists the agency to take time away from their habitual surroundings, to rest and inhabit a nourishing space of creative sanctuary with solitude, access to nature, and multivalent privacy as options. SSB offers residencies in Abiquiu, New Mexico and Podere Malabiccia, Tuscany, Italy.

On a 40-acre working olive oil farm just outside the tiny hamlet of Petroio, Some Serious Business and artist Carey Maxon offer artists a tranquil sanctuary: a small stone cottage set in the heart of the sensory delights of Tuscan country life. From this charming cottage artists have the opportunity for creative exploration in any direction.

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The 3-week residency is entirely self-directed. The resident must be self-sufficient and comfortable with solitude. Materials about the region will be provided in advance. However, it is up to each individual to structure their time, shop and prepare meals, and make arrangements for transportation and activities beyond the farm. SSB will also offer a $1,000 artist stipend along with this residency. Airfare and car rental are not included.

Eligibility: writers, visual artists, composer/musicians, performance artists, architects or designers, activists, art workers of any kind, as well as thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and others working to foster mutual respect and understanding.

Tuscany’s iconic Val d’Orcia is a landscape of inspiration and wonderment. Unforgettable rolling hills; exceptional vistas, churches and towns; Piero della Francesca frescoes; romantic labyrinths of stone walls and walking paths; and deep, soulful culinary traditions make it an extraordinary destination for the senses. Petroio’s charming main road spirals up to an ancient hilltop town where 200 residents continue the vital and timeless traditions of rural Italian village life. It is here that the villagers invented the classic artistic design and technology of the archetypical terra cotta pot. The farm is 20 minutes north of Pienza—the spectacular utopia of Renaissance architecture and a UNESCO Heritage site.

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Applicants should take into account the retreat’s unique circumstances and historic location. Due to the limited size of the casina, applicants should also keep in mind that while the cottage is surrounded by a garden and 40-acre farm, this residency offers little indoor work space.

To apply, send query to

DEADLINE: March 15, 2018

Reflection on her time at Podere Malabiccia by artist-in-residence Rachel Levitsky.