Greer Lankton, SIAMESE TWINS, 1981, Private collection   In SAFEWAY I heard a whining Song.  Dill fills the air with longing   What was the Twentieth Century Appetite.  I grew up wondering would I   Ever fuck like them, the dead.  They left Behind the lingering sense of an ethos:   To discover love, if […]

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Floating.cropped.4hi (1)

FLOATING AMONG THE BETTER SORT OF MODERN ANGELS, An Introduction to Love Among the Ruins Exhibition and Catalog

  I hate to begin with the big D—death—but there it is. My co-curator Bill Stelling’s brilliant title for the exhibition, taken from Robert Browning’s poem “Love Among the Ruins”, aptly describes the main themes—love and mortality—that were the impetus for this show.   As I lost so many friends so suddenly and unexpectedly in […]

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Penny Arcade


  SSB and Howl! Happening are delighted to present a snippet from Penny’s performance of Margo Howard-Howard below. The full performance, as well as a video of the infamous performance of Jackie Curtis’ Glamor, Glory, and Gold at 56 Bleecker Gallery will be featured in Love Among the Ruins.   Performance artist Penny Arcade’s work […]

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Best Laura Splan Fit

#FiftyQuestions with Laura Splan

Some Serious Business presents #FiftyQuestions to highlight wonderful folks that are creating, presenting, questioning and critiquing. Each featured artist picks a handful of questions to answer. All questions were written by Quintan Ana Wikswo and are featured in their entirety at the end of this blog post… if you are interested in being featured, please reach out […]

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Snoop by Michelle

The Dharma of Dogs: Quintan Wikswo Interviews Susan Martin about her Marriage to Snoop Dogg

Quintan Ana Wikswo interviews SSB Founding Director Susan Martin about her essay in The Dharma of Dogs, Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers. The Dharma of Dogs shares the reflections of spiritual teachers and writers who have found a source of deep truth and practical wisdom beneath the furry surface of our four-legged friends.     (1) You […]

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