SSB AWAY provides crucial time and space for artists to germinate ideas that might otherwise be marginalized during the intensity of public life and artistic production. An international network of residencies, retreats and workspaces offers artists the agency to take time away from their habitual surroundings, to rest and inhabit a nourishing space of creative sanctuary with the option for solitude, access to nature, and multivalent privacy.

The Incubation process enables artists to step outside of career demands and public scrutiny. To play with and explore emerging, unfamiliar, messy or mysterious aspects of their practices dsnew ideas, processes, theories, dreams, and artistic experiments. If desired, artists can choose to engage with the local community through partners and the informal sharing of their work with supporters in the area. SSB AWAY currently offers programs in New Mexico and in Tuscany, Italy.



Tuscany’s iconic Val d’Orcia offers inspiration and wonderment known throughout the world. Its unforgettable rolling hills; exceptional vistas, churches and towns; Piero della Francesca frescoes; romantic labyrinths of stone walls and walking paths; and deep, soulful culinary traditions make it an extraordinary destination for the senses.

Twenty minutes north of Pienza—the spectacular utopia of Renaissance architecture and a UNESCO Heritage site—lies the tiny hamlet of Petroio. Its charming main road spirals up to an ancient hilltop where the town’s 200 residents continue the vital yet timeless traditions of rural Italian village life. It is here that the villagers invented the classic artistic design and technology of the archetypical “terra cotta pot.”

On a working olive oil farm just outside the village, artist Carey Maxon offers SSB artists a tranquil sanctuary: a small stone cottage set in the heart of the sensory delights of Tuscan country life. This charming cottage provides artists with time and space for incubation, inspiration, and creative exploration in any direction.

Former Artist In Residence:
Rachel Levitsky


SSB offers residencies in a number of locations in Northern New Mexico, including Plaza Blanca—The White Place—memorialized in countless paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe. The mesa is a space of deep solitude, silence, and emptiness and offers artists an ideal location to retreat, rest, recreate and dream in the midst of pristine, enchanted landscapes. Petroglyphs and pictograms abound, testament to a continuum of millennial history. The Genizaro village of Abiquiu (including Georgia O’Keeffe’s home), Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu Lake, and nine Northern Pueblos are nearby. SSB offers artists and writers two-week residencies on Plaza Blanca. Proposals for site-specific projects and interactions related to the land and its people and partnerships with Northern Youth Project are welcome.

Former Artists in Residence:
Arturo Vidich
Jasmine Hirst
Arthur Kell